Kegs To Go

Kegs To Go

Having a party, or want darn tasty draft beer for your kegerator? We have kegs to go here at the brewery.

Call 206-766-8055, or use our reservation app 48 hours in advance to reserve your keg. After placing your order with the app, you should receive a confirmation email of the reservation. If you don't receive an email within 24 hours, check your spam folder. Directions to the brewery and business hours for keg pick-up and return are here


  • 4 sizes of kegs represented

Beer Available In Kegs

We do NOT guarantee to have all of our beers in all keg sizes, so please call ahead to reserve your keg. 

Keg Rental Policy

Our keg and tap rentals are FREE; however, we do require a cash, check, or credit card deposit of $50 for each tap and $100 for each keg that is taken out. Kegs with taps must be returned within 10 days of the date of purchase. Kegs without taps (for people with kegerators) must be returned within 60 days of the date of purchase. After your deposit period is up, we will process your deposit (i.e. cash your check). Do not despair, if you bring back the keg and tap in good working order at a later date, we'll gladly refund your original deposit.  *Please note, even if your deposit is processed, the keg is still owned by the brewery. It is illegal to sell, resell, transfer, damage, alter or scrap kegs. We just want our kegs back home. 

Keg Sizes and Pricing

Because some of our beers cost more to make, we have two price tiers. Please refer to the tables below for sizes and prices.

Sorry, we do not fill corny (cornelius) kegs or any non-Georgetown Brewing sankey kegs. 

Manny's, Roger's and 9lb Porter

Price (tax incl.) 16oz 12oz Case Eq.
15.5 gal keg
"1/2 barrel"
$192 124 165 6.9 cs
7.75 gal keg
"1/4 barrel"
$110 62 83 3.45 cs
5.16 gal keg
"1/6 barrel"
$81 41 55 2.3 cs
2.61 gal keg
"fun size"
$43 21 28 1.1 cs

Lucille, Johnny Utah, and Bodhizafa

Price (tax incl.) 16oz 12oz Case Eq.
15.5 gal keg
"1/2 barrel"
$200 124 165 6.9 cs
7.75 gal keg
"1/4 barrel"
$118 62 83 3.45 cs
5.16 gal keg
"1/6 barrel"
$86 41 55 2.3 cs
2.61 gal keg
"fun size"
$48 21 28 1.1 cs

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How do I tap a keg?
A: We'll show you when you pick up your keg, but in case you forgot, review our handy diagram down below!

Q: How long will kegged beer keep and why does it go flat?
A: It will keep for a few days if you keep the beer cold, but it progressively changes in taste with each day it's exposed to air. Tapping your keg with a party pump is like opening a 2-liter bottle of soda -- it puts air into the container. CO2 then escapes the liquid and dissipates into the air, making the beer flat. If the keg is constantly kept cool and under pressure in a kegerator, it will keep up to 8 weeks.

Q: How much CO2 do I need?
A: It depends on the size and number of kegs you have. Check out this chart.

Q: If I plan on drinking the keg over a period of a few days, what should I do?
A: Best thing to do is to untap the keg and keep the beer on ice! Cold beer will hang on to its CO2 longer. Do not pump more air into it -- that'll just oxidize the beer faster. Or... you could buy yourself a home CO2 draft beer system and be cool like we are.

Q: What causes beer to foam?
A: Primarily, beer will foam when it is warm. Bouncing it down the stairs won't help. Keep it on ice and keep it still and you will have a happy keg.

Q: My beer is on ice and hasn't moved, but it is still foamy - what gives?
A: If you are using a hand pump, chances are someone got a little too excited about drinking beer and pumped the squeezy ball too much. You really only need to pump the tap when the beer starts to slow down, and then just a couple pumps. Open the tap first, then pump just enough to get the beer going. Make sure you are pressing down on the nozzle all the way too. Not depressing the nozzle fully will make for a foamy pint.  

Q: What temperature should I store my keg?
A: 38 degrees is ideal. 

Q: How much does a keg weigh?
A: A full keg weighs between 155-165 lbs, so be careful moving it, macho man. No need to give yourself a hernia. We'll help you load it but you're on your own to unload. 

Q: How big is a keg?
• 1/2 barrel - About 16" across by 24" high
• 1/4 barrel - About 16" across by 14" high
• 1/6 barrel - About 9.5" across by 24" high
• "fun size" - About 9.5" across by 14" high

Still having issues?
Give us a call and we’ll help you troubleshoot: 206-766-8055 

  • our postcard with visual instructions on how to tap a keg

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