Year incorportated:

Date of first keg sold:
Feb 27, 2003 to the Latona Pub

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Japan

Barrels sold in 2016, our last year as a draft only brewery:

Barrels sold in 2021:
108,200  - we used 8,545,005 lbs of malt and 448,424 lbs of hops 

15% of our total production is Manny’s Pale Ale, or 40% of our draft production. Bodhizafa IPA is 40% of our total production. All of our ales use our proprietary yeast. 

Our beer has always been unfiltered. Instead we use a Westfalia centrifuge to dial in the clarity of our beer up to 120 barrels per hour. 

Up until May of 2017 we were draft only, making Georgetown the largest draft only brewery in the US. We have a fleet of 32,000 kegs in half barrel, quarter barrel, sixth barrel, and mini keg sizes. 
We currenly can our Bodhizafa IPA, Lucille IPA, Johnny Utah Pale Ale, 9lb Porter and Roger's Pilsner in 12 oz cans. In 2021 we used 22,473,000 cans.
We occasionally offer limited runs of seasonal beers in cans and 22-oz bottles.  

Brewery size:
50,000 square feet with 4700 square feet of cooler space

We have a 3 vessel 60bbl brewhouse, a 2 vessel 15bbl brewhouse and a 1bbl pilot brewsystem. 

Our water usage per unit beer is 3.5:1

  • Brewer Jen adds can lids to the seamer machine
  • Brewer Rick adds fresh hops to the mash tun during a brew day

(4) 15bbl unitank fermenters/bright tanks
(2) 15bbl bright tanks
(2) 30bbl unitank fermenters/bright tanks
(8) 60bbl unitank fermenters/bright tanks
(1) 60bbl bright tank
(16) 120bbl unitank fermenters/bright tanks
(7) 210 bbl unitank fermenters/bright tanks
(12) fermenters specially built for IPAs
(2) 240bbl bright tanks 

We have the Comac 5+1T keg line, which washes and fills one keg per minute

  • a single brewer working on the keg filler, surrounded by empty kegs
  • Manny and Roger toast using cans that just came off the canning machine

Our canning line includes:
Krones Craftmate 24-head volumetric filler with Checkmat fill quality system
Ferrum F404G-T1 4-head seamer
Comac depalletizer and conveying systems
Videojet 1220 inkjet for can date coding and Videojet 3140 laser for carton date coding
Switchback Brewpack 2000 cartoner and Switchback TP-15 traypacker
Inland Integration robot palletizer
We can fill 240 cans per minute

  • Brewer Chad takes a sample of barleywine from a barrel for testing

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