A real NW style Pale Ale.

It all started with a homebrew clone and the goal to create a Washington State Pale Ale. And a dream, it probably started with a dream too. 

California had a pale. Oregon had a pale. Washington needed a pale. A real, NW style pale ale. 

Building the beer on paper was easy: go for a 5% ABV range, use 2 Row base malt and the iconic Cascade hop for its piney and citrusy notes.  But what really brought it together might have been the tiniest player of all: the yeast. 

Out of all the yeast strains Manny and Roger tried, American, English, and European, it wasn’t until the 8th generation of an English ale yeast they had been testing that it all started to come together. 

A little bready and nutty, the yeast was also non-flocculant, meaning the spent yeast did not settle at the bottom of the tank, but stayed suspended in the beer.  Using this characteristic to their advantage, and set their beer apart from other beers in the market, the decision was made to keep the beer unfiltered. The yeast mutation was banked as Georgetown’s proprietary yeast and the rest is history.

  • Manny's Pale Ale Tap handle

Manny’s continues to be one of Georgetown Brewing Company’s most popular beers. Around 40% of our draft beer sold is Manny’s – 16,340 barrels in 2021 to be exact. Our taproom still sells over 1800 growlers of Manny’s per month on average. It’s sold in over 900 bars and restaurants in the Seattle area alone. 7.7 pints are consumed each minute, which means every 7.8 seconds someone drinks a pint of Manny's.

Chances are, if you walk into a bar, and Manny’s isn’t on tap, you’ve probably crossed the state line. 

We don’t know if that makes us “Washington’s pale”, but we’ll make sure if Manny’s is your go-to beer, you’ll never be disappointed. 

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