• Thursday, November 12

    Manny's Can Fundraiser

    We finally have an update to give you on our canned Manny’s fundraiser for bar and restaurant workers in Washington State. We raised a total of $412,000! 
    Thanks to everyone that purchased a six pack, and to all of our partners that were absolutely vital in making this happen: Great Western Malt, Hollingbery & Son, HOPSTEINER, Roy Farms, Columbia Distributing, Columbia Wenatchee, Crown Distributing, Midway Beverage, Pioneer Distribution, Tripp Distributing, Crown Beverage and Packaging and WestRock. All of you are amazing!
    A lot has changed since we started, and some organizations we were hoping to donate to have ceased operating, so we had to pivot a bit to make sure the funds were able to serve workers the whole state.
    One of our recipients is Big Table. Big Table has been actively caring for those in crisis in the restaurant and hospitality industry in the Northwest for 11 years. Their model is unique and effective – starting with a referral from a colleague, manager, supplier, or friend… anyone in the industry or outside it who sees someone in crisis. Referrals are made through a simple online form at Currently Big Table has teams serving King County and Spokane County in the Northwest. 
    In addition to our commitment to Big Table, we are partnering with United Way. United Way has chapters in every county in Washington State. And because United Way also works with a large network of local community organizations across the state, they have the reach and resources to serve the greatest number of people. As funds are distributed, non profits in each community will be the ones to announce availability of these funds to bar and restaurant workers - keep an eye out for these announcements! 
    We probably don’t need to remind you to please keep in mind that bars and restaurants still need your help this fall and winter. If you don’t feel comfortable dinning in or drinking in, that’s ok… buy some take out! If you can afford to, please do whatever you can to help keep their lights on. Imagine a world without bars and restaurants. We don’t want to.

  • Saturday, February 1

    Bob's Total for 2019

    2019 was another record-breaking year for our Bob's campaign in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities.
    The books are officially closed on 2019, and the total money raised was
    It’t not our highest yearly total ever, BUT it brings our 14-year total to…drum roll…..
    Thanks to everyone who supported Bob’s by buying a beer or shirt. Look for Bob’s to be released May 14th 2020!

  • 3 photos taken from instagram - a Lovely Reida beer label, Joe playing banjo in Retail and a Bob's hat

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