The Team

Georgetown Brewing is run by an amazing team - click for a slideshow of some of the people who make sure you have darn tasty beer!

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  • Brewer Jen adjusts a hose clamp on the 15 barrel system mash tun
  • Brewer Zach opens 12 ounce cans unsuitable for sale for recycling
  • Brewer Tina laughs while adding hops to the boil kettle
  • Brewer Travis takes beer from a fermenting tank for lab testing
  • Lisa adds chocolate to beer to make her chocolate stout
  • Brewing Manager Tom removes the stem valve from a keg so he can use it as a cask
  • Brewer Thomas weighs out hops to add to a brew
  • A glass of beer is put in front of a light box to test for clarity
  • A wide shot of the canning area showing many rows and stacks of empty cans waiting to be filled
  • Brewer Matt Edwards inspects a just brewed beer in a glass
  • Brewer Marshall studies a control panel on the brew deck
  • Jack inspects a growler before putting it into the growler washer
  • Brewer Lynden attaches a hose to a fermenting tank
  • Brewer Rick adds fresh hops to the mash tun during a brew day
  • Event Coordinator Crystal talks to brewers Lincoln and Chris
  • Brewer peers into the mash tun filled with fresh hops
  • Manny holds up a large cardboard box of fresh hops to help Tom put the hops into the mash tun
  • Brewer Craig transports kegs on an electric pallet jack
  • Lab Manager Barb fills a carboy with fresh wort to make a pumpkin saison

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