Events in Washington

  • Wednesday, March 21

    Ale House Pub & Eatery, Tacoma, 6pm

    Georgetown Brewing Night

    Join us as we crash the party with Gtown beers from the 4 major food groups: Meowsa DIPA, Manny' Pale Ale, Roger's Pilsner, Bodhizafa IPA.
    There will be drink specials and Garrett will be giving away swag to lucky raffle winners.
  • Wednesday, March 21

    Special Brews, 6-8pm

    Wednesday Night Tasting with Georgetown

    Cozy up to the bar with Nathan for a Gtown Night! Drink some beers, win some swag….ah you know the drill. 
  • Thursday, March 22

    Regatta Bar & Grille, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 4-6pm

    Happy Hour with Georgetown

    Maybe you got downtown early and need something to do before the Burt Bacharach show, or RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing party at Little Maria’s. Or maybe you’re from out of town and just happen to be staying in the hotel. Or maybe you work downtown, just got off work, and are waiting for traffic to die down before heading home. Whatever the reason, join Marzano when he hosts this night’s happy hour with specials on Gtown beers and swag giveaways. 
  • Thursday, March 22

    NW Liquid Gold, Vancouver, 6pm

    Georgetown Brewing Night

    Tacos and killer beerz.
  • Saturday, March 24

    Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, 12-4pm, 5:30-9:30pm

    Cask Fest

    Did you get your tickets yet? Even after moving to a larger venue, this event still sells out. Why? Because all the beers are awesome, that’s why. We’ll be bringing cask versions of something. Not sure what, but it will be very casky. 

Events in Oregon

  • Thursday, March 22

    Pacific Growlers, Beaverton, 6-8 pm

    Georgetown Promo

    Daylights savings is here but we're doubling down on the dark beers for this event! We'll have Bourbon Barrel Aged Chopper's Red Ale, Bourbon Barrel Aged 18 LB Imperial Porter, and Lisa's Chocolate Stout on draft, among other, lighter offerings. Sean will also raffle off swag throughout the night so he has something to do besides drink beer. 
  • Wednesday, March 28

    Growler Guys, Ashland, 5-7 pm

    Georgetown Night

    It's Sean's first promo ever at the Ashland Growler Guys, and I’m sure all of you thirsty Southern Oregonians show him that famous Southern (Oregon) hospitality. GG will have specials on Georgetown beers for the occasion, and swag giveaways. 
  • Thursday, March 29

    Hot Mama's Wings, Eugene, 6-8 pm

    Georgetown Night

    Our buddies at Hot Mama's whip up some tasty wings (hello, Thai Peanut my old friend) so we're stoked to take over their taps for the night. By the way, Sean's high score is 30 wings in one sitting. Challenge him to a wing eating contest and he might give you a shirt if you beat him. Heck, he might give you a shirt just for challenging him in the first place--the man admires that kind of gumption. Otherwise, you'll have to earn swag the old fashioned way: by drinking beer and hitting on your raffle tickets! 

Events in California

  • Saturday, March 24

    Pier 35, San Francisco, 2 sessions

    Bay Area Brewfest

    Please note, it looks like this year has been divided into 2 sessions instead of one long one, so choose your tickets wisely. Adam will be there pouring beer for the fun loving, beer drankin' folks in the bay. Lots of people seem to be dressed in different costumes, specifically nautical and/or tropical in theme, so any outfit that looks like you know your way around a coconut radio should be on point. Proceeds will benefit Coppers Dream Animal Rescue. 

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