Triple IPA

For Normal People

Darn Tasty Triple IPA

For Beer Lovers

We don't brew Triple IPAs often, but when we do, it's usually for the Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow and it's usually named after someone in Hot Dog: The Movie. Cast as a villan, Rudolph Garmischt was really just a misunderstood World Ski Champ, pushing everyone to the edge with his Lay Tuck Tuck Triple. Full of hop goodness, a mild malt profile, and not too bitter, it's a perfect way to wrap up a day on the mountain. Or anywhere. Contains wheat. 

For Beer Geeks

  • Malts - 2-Row, Pilsner Malt, White Wheat
  • Hops - HBC 682, Citra, Simcoe, Idaho 7
  • Yeast - English Ale Yeast
  • ABV - 10%
  • Best By - 90 days from packaging


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