Fresh Hop Johnny Utah

Pale Ale

For Normal People

Darn tasty Fresh Hop Ale

For Beer Lovers

New year, new crop, new batch of Fresh Hop Johnny Utah! This year we got 400 pounds of fresh Citra® hops from Loftus Ranches, working out to a little over 25 pounds of fresh hops per barrel! The hops went from bine to barrel within 5 hours, meaning these little beauties never saw a kiln, so you get the freshest expression of the hops without chewing on them yourself.

For Beer Geeks

  • Malts - 2 Row Pale, Munich 10L
  • Hops - Citra®
  • Yeast - English Ale Yeast
  • ABV - 5.9%
  • Best By - 60 days from packaging


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