For Normal People

Darn tasty India Pale Ale

For Beer Lovers

Crashed hard, but lands soft, Fizzmeow brings together aggressive hops like Citra, Mosaic and Columbus, with more delicate hops, like Pekko, El Dorado and Amarillo. The result is a unique combination that surprisingly makes the lighter hops really pop. The malt profile stays low key, enhancing the orange, lemon and pineapple aromas, and allowing the strawberry, watermelon and orange flavors to stand out. 

For Beer Geeks

  • Malts - 2 Row Pale
  • Hops - Columbus, Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado, Pekko, Amarillo®
  • Yeast - English Ale Yeast
  • ABV - 6.9%
  • Best By - 90 days from packaging


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