Father's Day


For Normal People

Darn Tasty IPA

For Beer Lovers

With the influx of new Dads in the brewery we thought that it would be a good idea to celebrate fatherhood with this old school IPA. Aromas of orange, pine, and a bit of apricot complement this bright IPA's clean bitterness. Perfect for those hot summer days around the BBQ, this beer finishes crisp and dry like your father's sense of humor. So cheers to you, Dad, hopefully this will help make your jokes a little more tolerable.

For Beer Geeks

  • Malts - 2 Row, Pilsner, Carahell
  • Hops - Columbus, Zythos, Cascade
  • Yeast - English Ale Yeast
  • ABV - 6.9%
  • Best By - 90 days from packaging


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