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For Normal People

Darn tasty India Session Ale

For Beer Lovers

An India Session Ale just in time for the warm weather with aromas and flavors of fresh pineapple, lime, coconut and a dusting of spruce tips to round out the profile. What IS debittered Citra, you ask? It is basically the left over leafy material after the cryo process.  YCH says: "Debittered Leaf is the concentrated bract of whole-leaf hops which has been separated from the lupulin glands. It is a high-quality, low-alpha product which retains variety-specific aroma and flavor characteristics and can be derived from any hop brand. The result is an enticing Northwest twist on traditional, low-alpha (noble) hops."

For Beer Geeks

  • Malts - 2 Row Pale, Munich
  • Hops - Debittered Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, Ahtanum, Loral. Cryo Ekuanot
  • Yeast - English Ale Yeast
  • ABV - 4.0%
  • Best By - 90 days from packaging
  • Other - Oats


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