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Welcome to Georgetown Brewing Company, a Seattle craft brewery and brewer of Manny's Pale Ale. We're a draft beer only production brewery, which means that all we do is make beer and fill kegs. Sorry, no brewpub, but we do have a retail shop where you can pick up kegs to go, growlers, and perhaps get a taste of our newest beer before it's released. Or you could be social and get out to your favorite local watering hole. If they don't have our beer on tap, let us know and we'll do our best to pester 'em into submission. Do we bottle? Not yet but we never say never. Right now we're focused on doing one thing right... draft beer. Cheers!


Manny and Roger

Announcing Some Lineup Changes: Chopper's Red Ale

Dear Georgetown customers,

We will be taking Chopper’s Red Ale off the full-time beer list. We were just not selling enough Chopper’s these days to keep our inventory fresh, which is really important to us. That said, we are brewing a full batch of Chopper’s to barrel age and will be releasing that in the fall. Not sure if you’ve tried that version but it’s one of our favorite beers that we make!