• Tuesday, December 13

    Final Bob's tally!

    The books are officially closed on the Bob's 2016 campaign, and we set a new record. How much money did we raise this year?  ... $117,591.20!!

    Thanks to everyone that made this year such a huge success!

  • Thursday, November 3

    Beveridge Place Pub House IPA for 2017!

    Thanks to everyone that voted for Bodhizafa to be the House IPA at the Beveridge Place Pub for the second year in a row! We are honored and humbled by all the love from locals, fans and regulars that can look forward to another year of Bodhi on tap!

  • Saturday, October 8

    Gold at GABF!

    It's been a big day for our brewers today, with both our Bodhizafa IPA and Gusto Crema Coffee Cream Ale winning gold at the Great American Beer Festival! Bodhi won in the very competitive American-style India Pale Ale category, and Gusto won in the Coffee Beer category. High fives to the team!

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