Events in Washington

  • Tuesday, February 28

    Ozzie’s, 7-9pm

    Georgetown Brewery Night

    It’s the last night of the month! Spend it with Marzano while drinking Gtown beer. Swag rafflin' and drink specials!
  • Wednesday, March 1

    Snorting Elk, 4pm

    Retro Ski Party

    Oh man, if you could SEE what Roger got off Ebay for this event, you would be soooo jealous. That guy is going to be a regular Jean-Claude Killy. I guess what I’m saying is, you best step it up if you’re going to ski with the big dogs. But you know what, some $1.99 puffy bib with duct tape holding the polyfill in is just fine too. The only thing you really need to wear is your drinking pants. Hot tip: get a room for the night. 
  • Wednesday, March 8

    Railroad Market, 6-8pm

    Georgetown Night

    Get yr Wednesday night ON with a little promo action with Nathan. Here’s hoping he’ll bring some limited Gtown brews along for the ride. 
  • Saturday, March 11

    Normandy Park, 3-8pm

    Northwest Ale Fest

    Drink some local ales, hear some local music, and help raise funds for a great cause!
  • Wednesday, March 15

    Local 907, 6-8pm

    Georgetown Brewing Night

    Hang out with Garrett in Renton’s Living Room™. Let’s just hope he keeps the sweatpants at home. Those queso stains are never going to come out. 
  • Thursday, March 16

    Regatta Bar & Grille, Crown Plaza Hotel, 4:30-6:30pm

    Happy Hour With Marzano

    Join Marzano in the Regatta Bar & Grille at the Crown Plaza Hotel and be a tourist in your own city. Unless you are an actual tourist, then Welcome to Seattle! 
  • Thursday, March 16

    Rhythm and Rye, Olympia, 6pm

    Georgetown Brewing Night

    Join Garrett for some Gtown beer on tap and swag giveaways. I don’t think there is any live music that night, so you’ll probably be subjected to Garrett’s Pete Townsend windmill action. 
  • Tuesday, March 21

    Farrelli’s Sumner, 6pm

    Georgetown Brewing Night

    Beat the Tuesday blues with some beer and pizza, a well known panacea to cure all ills*. Dr. Garrett will be there raffling off swag and educating folks on the beer to make sure they get the proper dosage.*This claim has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Beer and pizza are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Disclaimer, fine print, etc etc.
  • Friday, March 24

    Pike Place Market, 6:30-10pm

    Arcade Lights

    Sometimes when I’m hungry, but too lazy to cook, I’ll just read my mom’s old copy of Joy Of Cooking. Then if I’m still hungry, I’ll grab my other copy of Joy of Cooking which is actually a stash box with a Snickers™ in it. There’s no point to this story except that sometimes I just like reading about all the foods I can’t eat at the time, but plan on eating in the future. Pike Place is kind enough to list the vendors attending so I can peruse all the tasty snack snacks ahead of time, excellent for optimum food intake. All proceeds benefit the Pike Place Market Foundation.

Events in Oregon

  • Thursday, March 9

    Pacific Growlers, Beaverton, 6-8 pm

    Georgetown Night

    We'll have Gusto and other beers on tap. Swag giveaways. Plus it’s board game night! Pretty sneaky, Sean.
  • Saturday, March 11

    Culmination Brewing, Portland, 2 sessions

    Baker's Dozen Coffee Beer & Doughnuts Fest

    The 3rd Annual Baker’s Dozen, or BD3, melds three of the best things known to man: coffee, beer, and doughnuts. Admission includes all 13 coffee beers, morsels of all 13 doughnuts, and a souvenir glass. I guess it goes without saying that our Gusto Crema will be poured, but by the time this happens, we might have another coffee beer on our taps, our Arco Etrusco Coffee Stout. 2 coffee beers? Who does that? Crazy. 
  • Saturday, March 18

    Seaside Civic & Convention Center, Seaside, 3-8 pm.

    Pouring at the Coast Fest

    It’s hard to predict the weather on the coast, but whether or not it’s pouring outside, it’s def pouring inside. Pouring Bodhizafa, that is. Sean will be hanging out and chit chatting about the new dog park. Proceeds benefit the Clatsop County Food Bank. 
  • Thursday, March 23

    Cornucopia (W. 17th Ave location), Eugene, 5-7 pm

    Georgetown Beer Tasting

    Eugene’s own Horn of Plenty will have plenty of Gtown beers on tap for your drinking pleasure. Sean will be pouring samples and talking about our beer. Probably also antagonizing Duck fans. He knows better than to do that, but it’s Sean, so...
  • Wednesday, March 29

    OMSI, Portland, 6-10 pm

    OMSI After Dark

    Sean will be pouring some Gtown beer samples at OMSI After Dark, a 21+ event. The night's theme is "Science of ’97”, when Google was in its infancy and Dolly the sheep made headlines. Sean will be playing "Candle in the Wind" on repeat to get in the proper pre-Y2K mood.  
  • Thursday, March 30

    The Ship Tavern, Portland 8-10pm

    Georgetown Night

    8-10pm seems a little late for someone that needs his beauty sleep, but that just means a higher chance of Seannanigans! Gtown beers on special and swaggy giveaways!
    The Ship Tavern, it’s where Ship happens. (imma just put that there and walk away)

Events in Idaho

  • Saturday, March 11

    Pocatello, ID, 1-6pm

    Gate City Brewfest

    Get ready for the best little brewfest in Old Town Pocatello. A serious list of breweries will have their beers on tap at bars and restaurants around town, so put together your own Hop Squad, Keg Krüe or Pilsner Posse and paint the Old Town red on this casual Saturday afternoon.

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