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Sep 04: Georgetown promo/Seahawks game, Danny Coyle's, 5:30pm

Is it kismet? Serendipity? Or just the best idea ever? Manny's will be going on tap for the very first time at San Fran's official/unofficial Seahawks bar, Danny Coyle's, at the EXACT same time the Seahawks game starts. Adam will be there to help host the Gtown promo, but, as pretty as he is, eyes are sure to be trained on the game. I just noticed Danny Coyle's address is 668 Haight St. I guess you'd call that "neighbor of the beast" mode.


Sep 03: College Inn promo, 7-9pm

Summer colds suck, let's just get that out of the way. As a person that is vigilant, VIGILANT (vigilante?), about germs despite other people's best efforts to thwart that, I don't really get sick. So when a dry cough sideswipes me for no reason at all in the middle of one of the most awesomest summers ever, needless to say I am royally. pissed. off. The long hot holiday weekend is coming and surely I will continue to be bedridden for the majority of it. But as soon as the drugs kick in, I'm heading to the College Inn where Marzano will be hosting a Gtown promo night. He'll be bringing some Eddie IPL along with 3 other brews for your drinking pleasure, sure to cure what ails ya.

Sep 13: Hops & Crops, Mary Olsen Farm, Auburn, 12-6pm

Please note, Hops & Crops is now a 21+ event, so find a babysitter for the young ones while you enjoy an afternoon of music, BBQ, lawn games, and of course beer. Don't forget to check out an exhibit about the hop farms in the area dating back to the 1880s and get a little insight into how local history has been shaped by beer. Although, I suspect there is a great many of us that have some first hand experience on being shaped by beer. *sigh*

Sep 19-21: Fremont Oktoberfest

While Hops & Crops went 21+, Fremont Oktoberfest is now allowing guests under 21 into the event on Sunday free with a paying adult. Dogs are also allowed on Sunday, so it sounds like the hardest part about this brew fest will be finding tiny lederhosen for your children AND your dogs. #brewfestproblems You no longer have an excuse to miss the 100+ beers at Fremont's most beloved Oktoberfest.

Sep 22: Manny Night Football, Fiddler's Inn, all season long

It's that time of year...the long hot days of summer are a little shorter, a little crisper at night. Yellow pencils and yellow school buses reappear on the landscape. And the more common salutations and farewells are replaced by "go Hawks". Celebrate the Season of the Blitz at Fiddler's Inn with Manny Night Football. Specials on Manny's every Monday night all season long, maybe a keg of some other Gtown speciality on tap, and swag giveaways during the game. And if it gets a little boisterous in the bar, remember: the stiff arm fend is your best defense against spilled beer.

Sep 24: Craft Beer + Food at Palace Ballroom

Kim and Kendall moved this popular event to the Palace Ballroom, but it still sold out in 3 days. The ONLY reason I even bother mentioning the event is to rub it in. Sort of. CB+F says more tix might become available, so follow them on Twitter for updates and cross your fingers.

Sep 26-27: Inland NW Craft Beer Fest, Avista Stadium, Spokane

Though WA Beer Commission's beer fest east of the Cascades is no longer referred to as an "Oktoberfest", there's no reason not to don your dirndl or lederhosen. Over 100 beers will be on tap for you to taste during this two day fest while you soak in the fading summer sun.


Sep 05-07: Oregon Brews and BBQs, McMinnville Granary District

Head out to this fun beer fest in glorious wine country. Or should we say.... UFO country? Back in 1950, Mrs. Paul Trent spotted a "classic flying saucer" shape in the sky while working on their farm 9 miles from McMinnville, and pointed it out to her husband who grabbed a camera and took a photo. The picture ended up on the front page of the local paper, the next day it was published in the Oregonian, and a month later in LIFE magazine (that's the 50's version of "going viral", btw). To this day, believers and skeptics still debate the veracity of the photo. Amazing hoax? Or proof of extra terrestrial life? Ponder that over your tiny beers...

Sep 12: Georgetown Beer Tasting, Green Zebra Grocery, Portland, 5-7pm

I've seen Sean's fridge, and I'll be damned if I've ever seen anything but half a bottle of cheap brandy in it. Or maybe it was on top of the fridge? Anyway, my point is, even though Green Zebra guarantees everything they sell to be a good choice for you and your fam, when you're cruising the aisles for snacks, don't rely on Sean for advice on the best brand of quinoa. However, when it comes to beer, he's your man. He'll be sampling our beers and Green Zebra will be offering growlers of Gtown beer to go.

Sep 19-21: Southern Oregon Brew Fest & Harvest Festival , Jackson County Expo, Central Point OR

When is a brew fest more than a brew fest? When it also includes a distiller's conference, a chicken wing-red chili-BBQ rib cookoff, homebrew competition and grape stomping competition - though maybe we should start making those things standard? Well, the cookoff at least... The Brew Fest is actually a part of the larger 25th Annual Harvest Festival, and will have over 70 beers for you to try. Just a quick note - there is a calf and heifer sale during the Festival, so maybe check that out first before you knock a few back at the Brew Fest. Buying fancy handmade shoes while slightly impaired is one thing. Buying a 2000lb Shorthorn is quite another.

Sep 26-28: Pacific NW Brew Cup, Barbey Maritime Center, Astoria

Right where Hwy 30 and 101 meet is the coastie town of Astoria. Our Eddie IPL will be making its first appearance at a beer fest in Oregon, which is more than enough reason to celebrate. Admission is free - you just pay for your tasting glass and tokens - plus you get live music, access to snackses, and "activities for the kiddos." Weather was dodgy last year, so they've wisely chosen the Barbey Maritime Center as this year's location.