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Hoptoberfest, Beveridge Place Pub, Oct 01-Nov 03

It's that time of year when you help decide the BPP house IPA for 2016! How easy is it to participate in Hoptoberfest, the hoppiest of fests? It's as easy as going to BPP, getting a pint of any IPA, getting a ballot, and voting! Or is it....This year they're making it interesting. You'll be voting for your favorite beer that made the top 8 from Oct 13-23, but when you vote for the top three from Oct 24-Nov 3, you're going to have to vote blind. That's right, you're going to have to concentrate (concentrate...concentrate...) and let your nose and palate be the deciders. It's gonna be fun!

Oct 01: Brew at the Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, 6-9pm

Buy a ticket to this fundraiser for the Zoo and get beer, music and live animal encounters! For instance, you'll have access to Jaguar Cove, which kind of sounds like the title of a B-movie where the people are wearing tattered clothes and wielding machetes, but are still very polite. Access to Jaguar Cove: Romancing the Stone meets Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, narrated by Daniel Day Lewis. 10/10 would watch.

Oct 01: Seattle Adventure Run, 1st Thursday every month through November

Start at Seattle Roadrunner Sports and collect raffle tickets throughout the neighborhood, running, jogging, or walking to each checkpoint. At the end, win raffle prizes and drink a pint to raise money for The Ethiopia Project. It's the 7th month doing it this year, so you should be getting pretty good at this by now... post-run gathering at the Greenlake Alehouse for beers and knee icing.

Oct 01: Georgetown promo, Flatstick Pub, Kirkland, 7-9pm

This one's a last minute add to the calendar, and Flatstick has a couple Gtown beers on tap currently, so think of it as an informal visit with one of our newest reps, Nathan. He's taking over for Jrob on the Eastish/Northish side, so get used to his face.

Oct 02-03: Inland NW Craft Beer Fest, Avista Stadium, Spokane

It's the WA Beer Commission's beer fest for folks on the other side of the state! Gather in the crisp autumn air and sample beer from 30 different breweries pouring over 100 different beers - how will you choose? And you have to choose, because that is way too much beer for one person. I mean, even if you have friends you probably won't get thru them all. Just sayin'.

Oct 03: Rocktoberfest, Georgetown Brewing Co., 6:30-10:30pm

Join LUMA for an evening of beer, brats, fun, and the best all rock polka band this side of Frankfurt! Listen to Zeppelin, Van Leppard, & Def Halen played by true gentlemen in lederhosen. Ticket price includes two beers and entertainment! Be sure to bring cash for a Dante's Inferno Brats, extra beers and raffle tickets! All proceeds from the evening benefit families and cancer research at Seattle Children's Hospital. 21+

Oct 03: Fresh Hop Ale Festival, Yakima, 5-10pm

What better place to have a fresh hop fest than in the hop heartland? VIP tickets are sold out (meaning no VIP bathroom access for you), but you still have a chance to get regular ol' tickets. You will never have as many fresh hop beers all in one place at the same time, so get on it! We've got a couple freshies set aside, and hopefully a couple more if everything goes according to plan.

Oct 04: Brät Trot and Bavarian Fest, Burien

It's time for Burien's annual Brät Trot (calls in to BT HQ regarding changing the name to "Weiner Parade" have gone unanswered for the 3rd year in a row, I just feel like it's never going to happen at this point). If you don't feel like running around Lake Burien, you can sponsor a runner and get someone to run for you, or you can drink in the beer garden, or participate in the Pub Crawl Friday night. We're bringing Tomtoberfest to help you replace electrolytes and wash down the sausage. Any way you slice the dog, it all goes to raising money for the Highline School District, so do it for the kids.

Oct 08: Georgetown Fresh Hop Beer Night, Red Door, 4pm start

Marzano has squirreled away kegs of all 4 of our fresh hop beers, Manny's, Cousin Eddie, Johnny Utah and Dead Kenney, and they're all going on tap tonight! This might be one of the only places for you to catch all 4 in one place at one time, so make sure you get there early because when they're gone, they're gone.

Oct 10: Beer in the Barn Fest, Thomas Family Farms, Snohomish, 12-5pm

Spend the early part of your Saturday hanging out in a barn and drinking over 40 different beers from 20 different breweries. What's nice is that this event is all ages, so if the kids get tired of watching you drink beer the barn, you'll find a corn maze, a cow train and pumpkin patch. Funds raised go to Buddy's Foundation, a non profit dedicated to impacting local causes in the South Snohomish County community.

Oct 17: Oktoberfest, Collective on Tap, Camano Island, 11am-5pm

Details are still coming in as of press time about this event, but CoT are consistently amazing when it comes to both their beer and food selection. We'll be there with some beer, doing something. This Oktoberfest is sure to be a doozy, so keep an eye on their FB page for details!

Oct 17: St. Jude's Oktoberfest, 6:30-9pm

If the Oktoberfest fatigue has not settled in yet, or you are just looking for a little neighborhood fest fun, this Knights of Columbus fundraiser might just be the ticket.

10526 166th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052, 425-883-7685

Oct 21: Craft Beer + Food, Palace Ballroom, 6-9pm

It's always a crapshoot whether or not to include sold out events on this list - do we mention it so you remember to put it on your calendar for NEXT year? Or do we just quietly leave it off the list to avoid further torment (I have this same dilemma with Hops n' Props every year)? Decisions, decisions. Well, I'm mentioning it because it's a great event, and *sometimes* Kim and Kendall (Jones, not Kardashian) have been known to release a few tickets via Twitter. Good luck!

Oct 21: Doctoberfest at Doc's Marina, Bainbridge Island, 6-9pm

Oktoberfests are known for having pretzels and sausage, and you can't have pretzels and sausage without beer. Lots and lots of beer. Garrett will be there pouring our Tomtoberfest for the traditionalists and the elusive Bodhizafa for the hop heads. Is there still a periscope in the men's room? Check that out, wouldja?

Oct 23-24: Snohomish Brewfest, Snohomish Events Center, 3 tasting sessions

Celebrate the season with this fundraiser for the Snohomish Senior Center, featuring 20ish breweries and cideries. Upgrade to the VIP ticket and get twice as many tastes AND a sausage dinner. Put that in your sausage pipe and smoke it.

Oct 26: Georgetown promo, Sunset Alehouse, Issaquah, 5:30-8pm

Issaquah, it's one of your last chances for a little Jrob alone time. We're going to be keeping him closer to us in Seattle, but this Monday night he will be doing Nathan "a solid" when he covers for him at this Sunset Alehouse promo. The plan will be to bring a fun beer, maybe, give away some swag, probably, and drink some tasty beer, definitely.

Oct 28: Cask Night, Columbia City Alehouse, 5pm

It's cask conditioned Wednesday! Come see what tasty beer Marzano slaps on the counter! Spoiler alert, it's Bodhizafa.


Oct 10: Georgetown Tailgate promo, The Cooler, Eugene

Tailgate before the WSU-UO game in the parking lot at The Cooler. Game time is 3 pm. Sean will be bringing Johnny Utah for the taps and giving away some Utah shades. Sean, if they ask you who you are rooting for, just say "Team Beer". No one ever argues with that.

Oct 17: Beachcomber Brew Fest, Beachcomber Pub, Florence, 11am-8pm

It's the 1st annual Beachcomber Brew Fest in downtown Florence on Maple Street behind the Beachcomber Tavern. They'll have Bodhizafa IPA, Manny's and 2 other TBD Gtown beers on tap. Those shore folk are a hearty bunch, so this fest is on no matter if it's rain or shine.


Oct 7: Neighborhood Pub, Sandpoint, 6-8pm

Our second newest rep, Stefanie, is taking over Jrob's territory on the east side of the state and beyond. Come out and welcome her at one of her first promos in Idaho. She'll be hosting this one with a little back up from Jrob, so clearly you aren't getting rid of him that easily. Expect 4 delicious Georgetown beers on tap and hopefully a heated Connect 4 match between those two - pretty sneaky, sis.

Oct 22: Georgetown promo, Capone's Pub, Post Falls, 5:30pm start

Georgetown beers, pizza, and Thursday Night Football!!! How awesome is that trifecta? Well, we all know how delicious Gtown beer is, so there's that. I once saw a Guy Fieri video on how Capone's makes their pizza, so I know I'm getting a ticket to Flavortown® there. And Marzano says that night is a Browns/Bengals game. Well, two out of three ain't bad.