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Dec 01-31: Tap House Grill, downtown Seattle and Bellevue locations

During the month of December, $1 from every Georgetown pint sold gets donated to Seattle Children's. Help us beat last year’s donation of $3094 by stopping by either location for a Gtown beer - how easy is that? Think of it as one more hashmark in the "Nice" column every time you drink a pint.

Dec 01: Georgetown Night, South Bay Dickerson’s BBQ, Olympia, 6-8pm

Sometimes Smoked Meatloaf Night isn’t enough, sometimes you need a little Georgetown too. Garrett will be bringing some Gtown beers sure to be on special for the night and some swag to raffle off. Plus smoked meatloaf, duh.

Dec 04: Ivar's Northwest Winter Beer Tasting, Ivar’s Salmon House, 6-9pm

With Acres of Clams closed during the waterfront construction, Winter Beer Tasting has moved to the equally scenic and equally close to a large body of water, Ivar’s Salmon House. Tickets to this event get you beer and food pairings, and because it’s Ivar’s you know there’s going to be some delicious seafood on the menu. You can also use this opportunity to work on some new small talk material for the gauntlet of holiday parties you will be required to attend if you don’t want to sleep on the couch.

Dec 05: Georgetown Beer Tasting, Total Wine Tukwila, 4-7pm

We thought it was happening last month, but it’s really happening this month - Garrett will be heading to Tukwila to sample some Gtown beers for the folks cruising the aisles at Total Wine, on the hunt for a delicious new brew. Not too sure yet what he plans on pouring, but it’s sure to be tasty and perfect for bringing to a party or just enjoying by a fire.

Dec 05-06: Winter Beer Fest, Hangar 30 Magnuson Park, Fri 5-9pm, Sat 12-4pm, 5:30-9:30pm

Sad news everyone, sources at InTouch magazine say Kanye has put the kibosh on the annual Kardashian Khristmas Kard! How can we possibly go on with the holiday season without this kultural touchstone? Why beer of course! You can get your fill of dark and delicious holiday brews at the annual Winter Beer Fest in a festive and cozy atmosphere, making you forget all about people who are famous for no good reason. As my nephew would say, that’s a 25 layer burrito of awesome.

Dec 08: Monday Night Football, Fuel, 5:30pm PST

It’s MNF you MNFers, so get to Fuel for some Georgetown drink specials while you watch some football. Not to be a spoil sport, but you know football is going to end in, like, 2 months, right? So get it while you can.

Dec 09: Georgetown Brewer’s Night, Greenlake Bar & Grill, 5-8pm

Marzano will be bringing some Eddie IPL, Gtown Porter and Lovely Reida, and the chef at Greenlake will be pairing the beer with some special offerings for the evening. It’s not an official sit down beer dinner, more of a casual affair, but anytime something includes two of my three favorite things in the world, I am totally there. (If anyone was asking, it’s “cats” - that’s the third thing)

Dec 10: Cask Night, 74th St Alehouse, 5pm

The days are still getting darker and longer for another 11 days, so why not celebrate and embrace the darkness with a pint of cask Georgetown Porter. It might even beat light therapy for your Seasonal Affective Disorder. How much vitamin D is in beer anyway…? Oh. None. Probably shouldn’t have bothered Wiki’ing that...

Dec 11: Thursday Night Football, Fuel, 5:25pm PST

Thursday Night Football is like the new Monday Night Football, but on Thursday (hence the name). Still lots of hot football action, and Georgetown beer specials to boot, so make Thursday the new Monday. Or Friday. Or whatever. Football you guys!

Dec 11: Georgetown Brewing Night, Westside Tavern, Olympia, 6-8pm

Something a little tall, blonde and Garrett will be hosting a Gtown promo night in Olympia at the Westside for a couple hours while you enjoy drink specials and the unbridled joy of (potentially) winning some sweet swag. And I would like to point out that anyone that calls a fried pickle a “frickle” is ok in my book because it means they take their deep fried pickles so seriously, they felt they had to create a whole new word for them.

Dec 12: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Fix Coffeehouse, 6-8pm

Ugly Christmas Sweaters (herein referred to as UXS), crafted with loving care in the spirit of the season can be awesome. HOWEVER, this whole mass produced UXS thing has me in a bit of a tizzy. It is inconceivable to me that I can walk into a random big box retailer and purchase any one of a number of new UXSs, yet, YET, I am unable to purchase a new pair of Slayer sweatpants. Tom Araya, please make a note of it. Even if you have to start with a mass produced UXS, don’t phone it in - make it your own and wear it with pride. Then come by Fix for beer specials, snacks and holiday cheer. (you can buy battery operated tiny lights, btw, just sayin’, fyi)

Dec 13: Georgetown Beer Tasting, Norm’s Market, Lake Stevens, 4-7pm

If you were going to guess where in Washington State the biggest selection of beer in bottles, cans and kegs was, what would you guess? Would Lake Stevens be on the list? According to Norm’s, they’re number one, and it would be hard to dispute considering their packaged selection plus their 52 taps. Jrob will be making the trip with some specialty beers that probably don’t make their way to the North that often, so between that and the freezer full of frozen herring out front, you’re all set for the holidays!

Dec 17: Cask Night, Columbia City Alehouse, 5pm

We’ll be bringing a cask of Chopper’s to put up on the bar for what might be the final Cask Night of the year (?). Tom threw in a dash of Amarillo hops for this bad boy, so you’ll have some malty and extra hoppy goodness to warm your cockles.

Dec 17: Brown Lantern Winter Fest, Brown Lantern, Anacortes, 6-8pm

A certain chain restaurant has decided that, after covering every square inch of wall space with Super! Fun! holiday swag, the only thing that could make their restaurant EVEN MORE festive would be the deployment of mistletoe drones. I for one appreciate my holiday cheer in a pint glass, not swirling above my head like an oversized gnat, so I know the place to go for 16oz of mirth is the annual Winter Fest at Brown Lantern. Join the wintery fun with drink specials and mistletoe the old fashioned way.