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Jan 08: Lucille Inauguration Day, Beveridge Place Pub, 7pm

Yes, it's the new year, the season of change, a fresh start. That's why, in addition to the usual cat videos, I've been Gurgling™ top kale stories of 2014 on tumblr and smoothie recipes. Not to channel Andy Rooney here, but why would you title a list of smoothie recipes "surprisingly delicious"? I mean, you put in fruit and peanut butter in a blender, of course it will be delicious. Give me a smoothie recipe that helps me use the contents of my fridge: a single pickle floating in its brine, that hard end of a block of cheese that wasn't wrapped properly, and a jar of homemade pepper jelly - and make *that* surprisingly delicious. Or, forgo the smoothies altogether and join us to celebrate Inauguration Day, when Lucille is inducted as the BPP's House IPA for 2015! We'll be bringing a couple other special brews along for the ride, pretty much the whole Gtown crew will be there, and there won't be a pickle-cheese-pepper jelly smoothie in sight. Here's to 2015!

Jan 13: Georgetown Brewing Game Night, Admiral Pub, 7-9pm

Why host a game night at home when you can have the Admiral Pub do it for you? Bring your favorite board game or deck of cards and enjoy a night out that feels like a night at home, but with Georgetown pint specials. Tackle Cribbage will be frowned upon.

Jan 17: Winterhop Brewfest, Downtown Ellensburg 12-5pm

Well, as of this very moment in time (stardate: Monday, December 29th, 16:07 PST) WinterHop is around 200 tickets from being sold out. Sadly, by the time I read that book from the library on Mindful Mediation so I can learn how to focus, finish writing up the January events, send them to Mat for proofreading, revise, and send out the final list on gossamer wings of internet fairies, it could very well be sold out. For that I apologize. If not, please get that rear in gear and get your tickets NOW! Then bundle up to stroll around Downtown Eburg while you sample some of the finest ales the NW has to offer.

Jan 17: Georgetown Night, Cooper Point Public House, Olympia, 6-8pm

Get in a little Garrett time when he hosts a Gtown promo night at one of Oly's newer pubs, Cooper Point. Enjoy drink specials on Gtown beers - including some Oharov Russian Imperial Stout - and maybe some swag giveaways. A great way to start your Friday. Or end it if you're kind of a Ben Franklin early-to-bed-early-to-rise sort of person (guess there's a reason he's on the c-note).

Jan 23-24: Strange Brewfest, Port Townsend

Ah yes, Strange Brewfest. The time of year when brewers let their imaginations run wild with the possibilities of new and untried flavor combinations, unusual ingredients, and some extra special flair. We'll be there on Saturday with 3 kegs of something or other, adding to the rainbow of flavors that awaits your tastebuds. Pickle-cheese-pepper jelly beer anyone? Just kidding. That's what you use to make surprisingly delicious smoothies, everyone knows that.

Jan 27: Georgetown Brewer's Night, Giddy Up, 6-8pm

Details are still being worked out at press time, but we know that the chef at Giddy Up Burgers & Greens is creating a burger specifically to pair with a Gtown beer on tap. The pairing will be featured all week, but only on Tuesday will you get the chance to rub elbows with Marzano and maybe win some swag.

Jan 27: Georgetown Night, Pint Defiance, 6-8pm

It's a Pint Def jam when both Manny and Garrett are in the house. Surely a few special Gtown beers will be making the trip to Tac-Town, the ones that don't make it too far outside of the brewery, so (everyone sing!) here's to good friends, tonight is kinda special, the beer we'll pour, must say something more somehow, so tonight, tonight, let it be Georgetown......

Jan 31: Belgianfest, two sessions 12-4pm and 5:30-9:30pm

So, I was washing dishes the other day and looking out the window to the street and I saw a monk walk by. I thought, "That guy is kind of far from home." And then I thought, "Well, he's probably going to Belgian Night at the bar down the street."* It might be a long way to Belgium, but there's a very dedicated fan base around these parts, and Belgianfest proves it. Wind your way through over 80 Dubbels, Tripels, Saisons, Wits, Abbeys and Lambics brewed right here in Washington State. We'll be there for both sessions with a couple offerings for West Seattle Monk Guy, and you, to try out. *I swear this is a true story.


Jan 15: Georgetown Pint Night, Henry's 12th St. Tavern, 5-7pm

Henry's might not be brewed in downtown Portland anymore, but the spirit of beer lives on in the building, between every brick, deep in the very mortar of this hallowed ground. Where new residents see only mixed use buildings and condos, I see a spectre of history, and of what I was pretty sure was a Grape Nuts factory back in '93 (mind you, I based this theory on smell alone). Today it stands as a tribute to beer, with over 100 taps to choose from. This Thursday, you can play your part in beer history - you'll not only get specials on Manny's, but Sean will be there and might raffle off some swag. It's kind of historical, like Colonial Williamsburg, without the costumes. Or in Williamsburg.


Jan 23: Pucci's Pub at Schweitzer 4-6pm
Jan 24: Taps Lounge at Schweitzer 3-6pm

It's a little bit of a two-for-one Jrob action this weekend at Schweitzer. If you can't make it out for a hot Friday night at Pucci's with $1 off Gtown pints and swag raffles, you can swing by Taps Lounge on Saturday. They'll also have $1 off Gtown pints, maybe some swag raffling, and the Dimestore Prophets playing live music. Rumor has it Roger will be accompanying Jrob on this trip, but it could be he's just trying to get in some ski action while Jrob does all the work.