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Apr 02: Adventure Run series starts, 1st Thursday every month through November

Starting in April, Roadrunner Sports Greenlake is hosting a free First Thursday run in the neighborhood. There will be checkpoints where you can collect raffle tickets for sweet running swag, a beer garden, and an after party at different bars in the area. You don't have to be a Wilma Rudolph to participate - you can go at your own pace, whatever that may be (I call them "winded sprints").

Apr 07: Tuesday Trivia, Barking Dog Alehouse, 6:30-8:30pm

The boys are back in town - Mark, Mark Marzano will be bringing Eddie and Johnny (Utah, that is) plus a-yet-to-be-determined third beer to Barking Dog for their Tuesday Trivia night. When you say "Eddie and Johnny" it makes it sound like a couple of 50's era hooligans, riding around on their motorcycles and causing trouble. *shakes fist* Interlopers!

Apr 08: Georgetown Promo Night, Barley's Brew Hub, Kennewick, 6-8pm

I started to do a little research on Barley's Brew Hub when I heard about this promo, but it was post-lunchtime and I got distracted by a post on what the sun baby from Teletubbies looks like now, and it just spiraled into a black clickhole of despair. I also find it hard to believe there are 20 Delicious Facts About Peeps™ (because there are not). When I finally regained a modicum of consciousness, I managed to get to BBH's webtoobz and found that, unlike Peeps™, Barley's DOES have 20 delicious facts about them. Some delicious facts are Jrob will be hosting a promo with Gtown beer specials, maybe some swag giveaways, and you can get a growler to go if you like. FACTS.

Apr 08: Trivia Night with Georgetown, Farrelli's Maple Valley, 7pm

Pick your team and get ready to test how deep your brain's capacity for useless knowledge goes. But pick wisely - you won't want to only invite members from your Spanish Colonial Coins During the Reign of Charles I Club. Instead, you would do well to strategerize more along lines of The Breakfast Club Method: an athlete, a brain, a princess, a basket case and a criminal. Beer specials and Gtown swag prizes!

Apr 09: Beveridge Place Pub Anniversary, 7pm

Time once again when we hoist our pints to toast the good folks at the BPP, providing a home away from home for Gtown folks at their 6413 address since 2008. In keeping with tradition, we're busting out the clear keg, because everyone loves the clear keg, for its first appearance of 2015, filled with a new batch of Craigalicious Black Lager. Celebrate some old traditions, and maybe some new ones, and toast the BPP on another year!

Apr 12: Catsino, Beveridge Place Pub, 2-6pm

In an effort to prove that cat ladies don't deserve the reputation they are saddled with, I turned to the internet, because that is what one does when one is desperate. "Famous cat ladies", you should know, include Eartha Kitt, Bridget Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, June Lockheart and Vivien Leigh, who's cat, Poo Jones, wore custom collars from Paris. Perhaps less notable, but no less awesome, is local cat lady and Gtown friend Teri Ensley, who runs Furry Faces Foundation. Every year, the BPP hosts F3's Catsino, and we are always happy to help out. Door prizes, casino style games, snacks and Georgetown employees dressed up in costumes manning the craps table. It's a fun filled afternoon with a high possibility of cats!

Apr 15: Georgetown Night, Fred's Rivertown Ale House, Snohomish, 7-9pm

Jrob will be your host at the most popular alehouse in historic downtown Snohomish. Aside from rattling off some beers he might be bringing, Jrob didn't say much about the event, and was even more tight lipped when I asked about previous nights at Fred's. His response was simply "Nothing I want to talk about. Nothing I want printed." and then qualified it with "Nothing illegal." Whatever happens in historic downtown Snohomish stays in historic downtown Snohomish, apparently.

Apr 17: Firkin Friday at Safeco Field, 6:10 Happy Hour, 7:10pm game time

The folks at Safeco have been doing an excellent job of getting delicious craft beer in the hands of Mariners fans, and one of their best ideas yet is Firkin Fridays. Friday, April 17th, kicks off the M's vs. Rangers series. We'll be bringing a firkin of Lucille to pour in center field, along with another Gtown beer on draft, both at Happy Hour prices starting one hour before first pitch until the kegs are gone. Extra inning: there will also be casks of Johnny Utah closer to home plate on tap all three days!!

Apr 17-18: Leavenworth Ale Fest, Leavenworth

Join us and 25ish additional breweries for a fun filled weekend at Leavenworth Ale Fest. You can buy a ticket for a single day, or a two day pass. Either way you should be able to get all the Bavarian action you can handle. Benefitting the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum.

Apr 22: Georgetown Beer Night, Applebee's, Olympia, 7pm

Drinking Good In The Neighborhood®!
2500 Capitol Mall Dr SW, Olympia, WA 98502, 360.352.8500

Apr 23: Georgetown Promo Night, Bumpy's, Puyallup, 7-9pm

Garrett has a Georgetown Promo Night at Bumpy's. You won't believe what happens next! You can get Georgetown Beers on special with this one weird trick! Non-drinkers hate him! Discover a way to kill time with Georgetown beers and swag raffles!
116 E Main Ave, Puyallup, WA 98372, (253) 841-2931

Apr 24: Arcade Lights, Pike Place Market, 6:30-10pm

Sometimes when I'm hungry, but too lazy to cook, I'll just read my mom's old copy of Joy Of Cooking. Then if I'm still hungry, I'll grab my other copy of Joy of Cooking which is actually a stash box with a Snickers™ in it. There's no point to this story except that sometimes I just like reading about all the foods I can't eat at the time, but plan on eating in the future, so of course I perused the folks attending Arcade Lights. One company stood out - GarLic it! As the kind of person who warns their significant other on occasion before ingesting all the garlic, this is a company that clearly has my best interest at heart. I mean, GarLic it! literally tells you to eat their garlic from a spoon. Don't spend all of your time at the GarLic it! booth tho - there's going to be lots of other snacks and drinks, and Crystal will be bringing some Manny's and Eddie to help wash it all down.

Apr 25: April Brews Day, Bellingham, 5:30-10pm

This brew fest raises money for the awesome Max Higbee Center, an organization that provides recreation programs for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. Buy a VIP ticket and get in early for an extra hour of fun!

Apr 26: Georgetown Brewing Night, Manette Saloon & Sidebar, Bremerton, 6-8pm

Are you a little bit country, or a little bit rock n' roll? Do you feel like a nut? Because sometimes you don't. Is it tomayto, or tomahto? Sometimes you don't have to choose, especially at Manette. It's two, two, two bars in one! There's the Saloon - where you can catch some live music and shoot some pool - and the Sidebar - for when you want a more intimate atmosphere to share with your lady/gentleman/beer friend. Garrett is hosting a promo night with drink specials and swag raffling, but when asked which side he would be in, he merely declared "I could go both ways". Sometimes, you can have it all.

Apr 27: Georgetown Brewing Promo Night, Katie Downs, 5-7pm

Nothing better than a waterfront view while enjoying some beers and indulging in a pound of steamers. Except maybe some Garrett, Gtown beer specials and some giveaway swag. A nice way to wind down your hectic Monday workday...

Apr 28: Georgetown Brewing Night, MVP's Bar & Grill, Edmonds, 5-7pm

Games, Grub and Beer, with the emphasis on Beer when Jrob hosts a Georgetown Night at MVP's. Special pricing on beer and Jrob. What's a Jrob go for nowadays? Just kidding, I just forgot what I was saying mid sentence. Squirrel! I mean, cats!


Apr 02: First Thursday Tap Takeover, Blitz-Pearl, Portland, 5-7pm

Sean told me that he can say, with certainty, there will be no "50 shades of Sean". There will be $3.50 Gtown pints and possibly some swag giveaways, but otherwise Seananigans will be kept to a minimum. Like, maybe 5 or 6 shades of Sean.

Apr 03: Georgetown Beer Tasting, Growler Guys, SW Portland location, 5-7 pm

Check out the newest Growler Guys location in SW Portland (tho, by the time of publishing, they might add a couple more). Sean, Star Search's 1985 Male Spokesmodel runner up and Georgetown rep in PDX, will be pouring samples and maybe raffling off some swag. There will be a selection of Gtown beers on draft if you fancy a growler to go PLUS Growler Guys will give out a free Georgetown pint glass with every growler fill of our beer. No more drinking straight from the jug!

Apr 15: Georgetown Brewing Night, A&L Sports Pub, Portland, 6-8pm

For those of you not in "the biz", this is the week of CBC - Craft Brewers' Conference - as it descends upon Portland. Even if you're not in the biz, you'll still get to reap the benefits with tons of beer related events. We'll be hosting one of them at A&L Sports Pub. Gtown beers will be on extra special for those with CBC badges, we'll have some swag giveaways, and a contingent of Georgetown brewers will be milling about - sure to be the largest grouping of Gtown folks spotted in the wild outside of West Seattle.