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Jun 02: Adventure Run Seattle, 1st Thursday every month through November

It's the third installment of this year's Adventure Run Series. Start at Roadrunner Sports and collect raffle tickets throughout the neighborhood, running, jogging, or walking to each checkpoint. At the end, drink a pint to raise money for The Ethiopia Project.

Jun 02: Georgetown promo, Rumor Mill, Friday Harbor, 6-9pm

The Rumor Mill says they stick to a simple equation: good food + good entertainment = good times. The only thing missing in that calculation is good beer, and Nathan's going to make sure they have plenty of it for his promo night. Join us in Friday Harbor on Thursday night with Nathan, some raffled swag, and the correct answer to any problem, beer.

Jun 02: Georgetown promo, Elemental Pizza, 6pm

Join Garrett for some Georgetown beer specials and maybe a little swag raffling. The plan is to bring a few extra Gtown beers that you may not have tried, all the better to fuel discussion about the more important things in life, like the difference between a stromboli and a calzone.

Jun 03-05: Artfest, Coeur d' Alene Park, Spokane

Spokane's biggest Art Fair returns, benefitting the NW Museum of Art and Culture. Check out fine art, check out hand-crafted goods from the area's most talented artisans, enjoy the park, listen to some music, eat a little food and drink a little beer. Check, peruse, enjoy, listen, eat, drink. What more could you ask for?

Jun 04: Bavarian Bike & Brew, Leavenworth

The website says that this event is pre-registration only and limited to 450. It ALSO says that folks don't show up and race officials can be bribed to let you in the race. Even if you don't make it in to the "Spectacular, but rigorous 8 mile loop with 1780 vertical gain per lap", you can at the very least camp and hang out with your friends, and enjoy all the music, beer and sunshine.

Jun 07: Brewer's Night, McKay's, Richland, 6-9pm

Now that tv shows are into their summer schedule and playing reruns, there's no reason to be home by 8pm for NCIS. Instead, celebrate the long days and nice weather by having a few beers with friends. Stefanie will be running this Brewer's Night at McKays, talking about the beers and raffling off some swag. Plus you can all speculate who's going to replace DiNozzo next season....

Jun 09: Tap Takeover, Pints Alehouse, Spokane, 5-9pm

Pints has 18 taps, and Stefanie is going to do her best to get as many Gtown beers as possible on. She's assured me that "lots of small batch" beers are heading over the pass with her, making it 10 to 1 Spokane has never seen the likes of some of these brews. In addition to all of that brand new fancy beer? Swag.

Jun 10-12: Elkfest, Historic Browne's Addition, Spokane

If you're in Spokane, or even just a wee bit close, head into town for this 3 day music fest! We're not doing anything special, but a number of bars and restaurants in the area pour our beer, so chances are high for some Gtown brews. According to their website chances are also very high for it to be HOT, so stay hydrated, screen up, and wear a hat.

Jun 11: Georgetown Carnival, Georgetown neighborhood, 12-10pm

If you want thee biggest bang for your buck when it comes to a Saturday, look no further than the world famous Georgetown Carnival, now in its 10th year. Sure, you could do a lot of other things on Saturday, things that also have bands, but are they FREE? NO. Do they have power tool races? NO. Do they have CLOWN BURLESQUE (maybe not the best selling point...)? NO. Do they have magic, acrobats, art OR an Odd Mall? NO. NO. NO. NO. It's settled then - see you on Saturday!

Jun 11: Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, Lake Union Park, 1-5pm

It's the inaugural Beer Camp Across America beer fest. They move this event around every year, so who knows when it might come back this way again. Over 101 breweries are bringing one beer each, so think of this event as training for next week's Washington Brewers Festival.

Jun 11: Georgetown promo, Ellensburg Pasta Co., Ellensburg, 6-9pm

Nothing like a Saturday night to enjoy some beers and hang out with your friends. Stefanie will be on hand, specifically in the pub area of EPC, Bruce's Place, to talk about the beers, the company, maybe raffle off some swag and debate the virtues of truffle fries v. garlic fries.

Jun 15: Columbia Pub Crawl, Meconi's stop, 5-6pm

Our distributor is hosting a Tacoma pub crawl, and we'll be featured at Meconi's from 5-6. Garrett will be host with more than enough, including Gtown beer specials and prizes.

Jun 16: Bloodworks NW Taste for Life, Seattle Center Armory Lofts, 5:30-8:30pm

This benefit for BloodworksNW (formerly Puget Sound Blood Center) is a post-work no brainer. Beer tastes, wine tastes, and booze tastes - good times for a great cause. Maybe don't donate blood right after this event tho, 'kay? Or even before. Just, wait for another day. A non-drinking day.

Jun 16: Adventure Run Kent, third Thursday every month through November

Start at Roadrunner Sports and collect raffle tickets throughout the neighborhood, running, jogging, or walking to each checkpoint. At the end, drink a pint to raise money for The Ethiopia Project.

Jun 17-19: Washington Brewers Festival, Marymoor Park

Fondly referred to as the Father's Day Festival, this is an event that everyone can enjoy. Friday night is 21+, but Saturday and Sunday are all ages. Now in it's 11th year, this year's event will feature 110 Washington breweries pouring over 500 beers. Crystal has been hoarding some of our specialty one-off beers for awhile now, so you'll find something new at our booth every few hours or so. All the usual distractions apply: food, music, root beer garden and activities, but we all know why you're there. The beer. And the Brewer's Keg Toss. Watch that sciatica, Roger.

Jun 23: Georgetown promo, Fix Coffeehouse, 6-8pm

Marzano is bringing 6 Gtown beers to fill up the taps for the night. I've been told that Bodhizafa, Johnny Utah and LA Woman will be three of the beers for sure, the rest will just have to be a surprise...

Jun 23: Georgetown promo, Arena Sports B&G, Bremerton, 5pm

Sure, it's kind of a usual promo with Garrett, beer specials and the raffling off of swag, but I've been told they have a massive patio and outdoor area and horseshoes. So, while this description may not be terribly specific, it's close, and I feel pretty confident, for a number of reasons, that we can file this under "horseshoes and hand grenades".

Jun 24: BAM Sound & Vision, Bellevue Art Museum, 6pm

A great way to start your weekend! Head over to BAM for this concert series that couples live music with art. This month, Shaprece will be spinning a web of downtempo beats and ethereal orchestration with the Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair exhibition. In addition to the music and art, check out the live video painting by Scott Bennettenjoy. Gtown beer will be available along with tasty food truck choices. All ages welcome, under 12 get in free!

Jun 25: Brigadoon Beer & Blues Fest, North Bellingham Golf Course, Bellingham, 3-7pm

The Brigadoon Beer, Blues and Jazz festival is an all-day festival featuring four live bands, and tastings from up to thirty craft breweries. Every ticket sale goes to benefit Brigadoon Service Dogs, and Growing Veterans, local nonprofits that work to help veterans who return from active duty.

Jun 28: Georgetown Beer Dinner, Onion/Area 51, 7522 North Division, Spokane, 6-8pm

The Onion originally opened in 1978 as Spokane's first gourmet burger joint, but their menu has grown and they remain committed to purchasing sustainable and local foods. You know what that means, right? Cougar Gold Burger. Sorry, Huskies, you can't pull school rivalries here until UW starts making cheese. On this night, you can enjoy a 4 course field to fork dinner paired with 4 Georgetown beers. Here's hoping for cheese.


Jun 01: Georgetown promo, Cask & Keg, West Linn, 6-9pm

It's the first day of June, so hopefully you woke up this morning and the first thing to come out of your mouth was "rabbit rabbit!" Why? Well according to Wikipedia, and Lisa, exclaiming the common name for Oryctolagus cuniculus will bring you good luck for the month - and it's more humane than that hot pink rabbit foot keychain you got at the fair (also, gross, right?). If you didn't remember, head out to Cask & Keg for a promo hosted by Sean. Manny's, Rogers Pilsner and Bodhizafa IPA will be on tap, and you can take comfort that 99.99 percent of folks in the room also did not say "rabbit rabbit" this morning.

Jun 03: Henry's PDX 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, Airport, 4-6pm

Henry's Tavern at PDX celebrates its first year in business. Several breweries will be there throughout the day, but yours truly, Big Sean, will be there pouring samples and giving away swag from 4-6pm with Manny's and Bodhizafa IPA on draft. What's the catch: gate access required, meaning you'll have to have a ticket and get through airport security. Think of it as super VIP access, but without bottle service.

Jun 09: Columbia Distributing Tap Takeover, Gateway Taphouse, Springfield, 6-8pm

Join us, and the breweries we keep company with, when our distributor hosts a tap takeover. With all the beer, and beer folks, in attendance, I'm just going to call it now: I predict a 7 inch personal pizza eating contest.

Jun 11: Dalles Brewfest, Lewis & Clark Festival Park, The Dalles, 12-8pm

Hitting the taps will be some of our most hoppy offerings, Johnny Utah Pale Ale and Bodhizafa IPA. Roger's working this one with Sean, which means his lovely mom will be there to tell some embarrassing Roger stories, like, how she used to put his name on his underwear. I don't have kids, but like, how do they lose underwear? Roger?

Jun 17-19: Oregon Garden Brewfest, Silverton

Time for the 12th annual Oregon Garden Brewfest! We'll be pouring Johnny Utah Pale Ale and Bodhizafa IPA, some nice floral, hoppy beers to complement the surroundings. Silverton High School's own Jessica Waters (class of '07) will also be at our booth, signing headshots from her cheerleading days. All fest proceeds benefit the Oregon Garden which is good because we need all the plants we can get.

Jun 24: Georgetown promo, Pacific Growlers, Beaverton, 5-7pm

Hang out with S-Dog while he chitty chats about the Gtown beer on tap and raffles off some swag. Since it looks like they won't have live music that night, I checked out to see what sporting events might be televised that day (yeah, they do that - wouldn't want The ISU World Figure Skating Championships to mess with your "big day" and all) but not much came up. Maybe they'll be able to get in England v Sri Lanka one-day Cricket internationals. Or put Point Break up on the screen - we like doing that.

Jun 30: Georgetown promo, Beer Station, Wilsonville, 5-7pm

Bringing all the beer fun to the 'burbs! Try some Gtown beers, maybe win some swag, fill up your growlers and get all the Sean you can handle leading up to another nice long 3 day weekend. Which is good, because if you get, literally, ALL the Sean you can handle, you'll need 3 days to recover.


Jun 01-30: Brewery of the Month, Capone's, Coeur d'Alene

Kick off event Jun 02!
During the month of June, when you enjoy a Georgetown beer at Capone's in Post Falls, you will be entered to win an inflatable kayak, just in time for the warm weather! Capone's will have 3 Gtown beers on all month, and you'll get a ticket for every Gtown beer you buy. Wouldn't an inflatable kayak make this the BEST SUMMER EVER?! Yes, yes it would.

Jun 18: Sun Valley Brewfest, Ketchum, 12-6pm

Don't miss the chance to taste some of the finest craft beers in the Northwest in the heart of beautiful Ketchum, Idaho. Free admission and family friendly, a $25.00 donation buys you unlimited beer samples and a 2016 SV Brewfest souvenir pint glass (limited to the first 800 people). All proceeds from the fest go to local charities.

Jun 19: Georgetown Trivia Night, Spacebar Arcade, Boise, 7pm

It's trivia night, but I don't know how you'll be able to resist when Joust is in the house! Also Centipede, which I always say is my favorite, but I'm really bad at it - I just think I like rolling the roller ball around. Drink some tasty Gtown beer while you compete for sweet Gtown swag using your brain.

Jun 24: Georgetown Tap Takeover, Fast Eddy's Locust Grove, 1745 E Overland, Meridian, ID, 4-7pm

Swing by Fast Eddy's to fill 'er up - your growler that is. Stefanie will be bringing some of our more specialty beers to add to our Manny's already on the line up. Try a taste, and bring a 32 or 64 oz growler home with you. Now your biggest decision is wether to pair your growler with the 7 Layer Dip Tortilla Combos®, or the Sweet & Salty Vanilla Frosting Pretzel CombosĀ®. Gahhhhh!!!! Why is life so hard!??!

Jun 30: Capone's Brewery of the Month Drawing, 6-8

Who's gonna win the INFLATABLE KAYAK! I DON'T KNOWWWWWW!!!!!!


Jun 04: California Beer Festival, Novato, 12:30-5pm

I have to say, this event sounds verrrrry Californian the way they described it. "Expand your palate as over 85 craft breweries come together to enlighten and broaden the minds of the thousands of festival goers". If beer can do that, I see no reason to bother joining that commune in Big Sur anymore. Ticket holders will receive access to live entertainment, a souvenir sampling cup, and unlimited access to 85 craft breweries to sample from. Unlimited access? I think the hippies call that "free love".